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"The presenter delivered a very motivational talk on choices, and the many pitfalls of making incorrect choices. The whole theme was on being a 'world class student'. Our students were very attentive, and many came up to me during their lunch period to comment positively on the assembly program."

Jim Shupe - Principal
Lawton Chiles Middle School - Oviedo, Fl

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Team Impact's assembly program is one of the most prolific in the nation. Performing over 700 assemblies every year, we speak to hundreds of thousands of students in all age groups.

Your students will be thrilled, encouraged and challenged with an assembly program designed to help them make healthy choices for a successful future.

With our speakers diverse backgrounds such as NFL football, Olympic competition and NCAA athletics, they gain an instant rapport with students of all backgrounds. While some of our team members are some of the largest people you will ever see, don't be fooled, they are highly successful motivational speakers with a passion to see young people succeed in life.


Team Impact's assembly speakers have an average of 15 years experience each. With over 700 assemblies performed each year, Team Impact is on the leading edge of inspiring students to new levels of achievement.

Both the performance and the message were impressive and we appreciate your voices joining ours urging our students to think and behave responsibly...It is so good to find an ally in our quest to help students understand the implications of choices they make every day.


With thousands of recommendations from Principals, Superintendents, Government Officials (including Presidents, Governors, Senators and Congressmen), you can rest assured that Team Impact's assembly program will leave a positive effect on your students.

This assembly program was absolutely wonderful and was very age appropriate. The parents, staff and students enjoyed the positive message they received about making good choices throughout their life.

Relevance -

Team Impact's heartbeat is to reach students from every culture, social-class and age group. From schools in the inner cities to the sprawling suburbs, our message is tailor fit for any child to relate to and learn from. Our approach is thought provoking and challenging for your students.

Wow! To keep the attention of 14-17 year old students for 45 minutes was unbelievable. The message to our young people was appropriate and professionally presented.

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